What We Do

ISAC’s Services and Tools:

• Education and Training – schools, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.
• Research and Publishing – original and translated content.
• Tailored Targeted Projects.
• Raising Public Awareness and Outreach – conferences, roundtables, panels, events, etc.
• Advocacy, Political Consulting and Second Track Diplomacy.

ISAC’s services and products in detail:

• Education and Training: ISAC educates and trains individuals working in international relations, EU affairs and security issues, especially the future generation of leaders who will take up political and professional responsibility for the country and the region in the years to come. Training is designed to continuously improve human capital in the region, in both governmental and non-governmental sectors. Our lecturers include international and national specialists and prominent policy-makers, and all instruction is, as a principle, provided free of charge. The trainees showing highest potential are offered opportunities for further training on our advanced courses and abroad at partner institutions.

• Research and Publishing: Deficit of information is an obstacle to successful and informed decision making. In order to provide for informed and properly targeted programs, permanent research is of vital importance. Thus, in-depth research of issues pertaining to its areas of interest and compiles, prepares, and publishes assorted reports, guides, policy recommendations, opinions and studies in order to disseminate the required information.
ISAC also provides policy advice and policy options to governments, parliaments, NGOs and international organizations in the fields of foreign policy, EU integration and security sector reform in Serbia and the broader region.

• Raising Public Awareness and Outreach: ISAC public awareness programmes aim to help an ordinary citizen of Serbia make an educated choice for Serbia’s European future. It is therefore imperative to provide a variety of ways to reach out to the sceptical, generally uninformed and disappointed parts of the Serbian public. Only continual information and education on progressive concepts, global and regional trends could assist the gradual comprehension of the importance and benefits of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes and render them less daunting and abstract.
ISAC hosts a range of international relations and security policy oriented events on core issues and topics relevant to the country, region and the world. Conferences, seminars, guest-lectures, round-tables are regularly organized, often in collaboration with other partner institutions, embassies and government organizations, in order to stimulate and promote free exchange of views and to develop awareness and contacts among policy makers, opinion makers, scholars, NGOs and young professionals on key international affairs and security policy issues. ISAC regularly invites high ranking officials, prominent specialists in international politics, security issues and university professors, to share their experiences and views with select audiences in Serbia.

• Advocacy, Political Consulting and Second Track Diplomacy: ISAC actively advocates politics that are considered to be meaningful and of great value. That is being done by using different approaches and set of tools using its policy products (analysis, studies and policy papers) as well as arranging informal talks with decision makers as well as other activities aimed towards the implementation of certain politics. Using its contacts in Serbia and abroad, ISAC also enables dialogue to take place regarding important questions which at that moment can not be discussed in official capacities. Thus, ISAC enables state officials to send their messages using non formal channels and maintain contact in areas of political sensitivity.