Serbia and NATO: Partnership for Peace

We are pleased to present ISAC’s new publication “Serbia and NATO: Partnership for Peace”.

This publication provides comprehensive insight into the history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the structure of the organization, and their partnership programs with third countries. A separate section is dedicated to the history of Serbia-NATO relations and the Partnership for Peace, a program in which Serbia is currently a member.

The aim of this publication is to better contribute to the knowledge that Serbian citizens possess on NATO’s functions, in addition to an explanation of NATO’s goals. The document also examines the presence of the political-military organization in Europe, as well as the modalities of its cooperation with Serbia and other partner countries.

We would like to thank to the Embassy of Canada to Serbia for their support in publishing this guide.

Only Serbian version available

Guide to Serbia’s Accession to the EU

Guide to Serbia’s Accession to the EU keeps with ISAC’s tradition of a publication which is designed as a reference and a learning tool to be used by both professionals, who are working on issues related to Serbia and the EU, and by the wider audience interested in the subject matter. Besides dealing with the structure of the EU and the EU’s regional approach towards the Western Balkans, the publication also explains the negotiation process and it gives a brief overview of all of the negotiations chapters.

Guide Through Civilian Missions

This publication is ISAC’s first guide about the civilians in peace support operations. The aim of this publication is to provide all interested parties with relevant information about the participation of the civilian experts in peace support operations conducted by UN, EU and OSCE,  its importance for Serbia as well as to provide some clarification regarding the terms used when dealing with this subject.


Guide to Chapter 31

ISAC fund is pleased to present the new, updated edition of the Guide to Chapter 31. This publication, in addition to brief overview of its development, explains the main challenges under the Common Foreign and Security Policy and within that framework the Common Defence and Security Policy, as well as several areas in connection to these policies. Following the dynamics of the development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy in the period 2015-2016. the second edition of the guide is appended with new information relevant to Chapter 31.


ISAC fund presents its newest publication about the World Trade Organization. This publication is the translated and adapted version of the WTO original publication titled “10 Things the WTO Can Do” and it offers a short review of 10 most important areas in which the WTO made its biggest contribution, as well as its greatest achievements and benefits.  This publication represents an opportunity for all interested parties to acquire basic knowledge about the importance of this organization, its objectives, the specific areas in which it has jurisdiction as well as the benefits of full membership.


Guide to the World Trade Organization

The publication is the translated and adapted version of the original publication of the World Trade Organization “Understanding WTO”. The aim of this publication is to provide all interested parties with basic information about the WTO, its functioning and the importance it has, both for the global trade and for individual states.

The Guide for Local and Regional Governments on Serbia’s Path Towards the EU

The Guide is intended to provide information about importance of regional and local stakeholders in the EU arena, as well as to present EU policies that are of the crucial importance for the local development (EU Agricultural and rural policy, EU Regional policy, EU Environmental policy). Moreover it presents current and future opportunities and obligations rising from European integration process

What is Partnership for peace?

Publication What is Partnership for Peace? serves to portray in a concise and understandable manner the main ideas, history, benefits and challenges of Partnership for Peace Program and Serbia’s role in it. This edition also targets younger generation aiming to provide it with the essentials and purpose of the program and its implications on Serbian society.

The Business Guide to the Stabilization and Association Agreement

Continuing its efforts to contribute to correctly informing citizens of Serbia, ISAC fund is publishing a new guidebook, which is dedicated to better understanding the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), particularly its economic and business aspects. The difference between the “Guidebook through the SAA” and this guide, is that the Business Guide is generally meant for businesses and economic experts. This guide is a compilation of three chapters, which describe in detail what are the goals and elements of the SAA and its impact on the economy and business of Serbia.