Ukrainian crisis – Views from Ukraine, Germany and Serbia

As a result of the international conference Ukrainian crisis – Views from Ukraine, Germany and Serbia held on 20 March in Belgrade, International and Security Affairs Centre (ISAC) and Fridrih Ebert Foundation present a report on the course and main conclusions from this event.

Ukrainian conflict is one of the biggest challenges for the European Union today, and it does not only affect international affairs and the stability of one of the EU partner countries in Eastern Europe, but also the stability of the entire EU.  Because of the internal debate on the orientation of the foreign policy of Serbia and progressive harmonization of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the citizens of Serbia need objective information from all sides.

The report is therefore focused on the main issues related to the crisis in Ukraine: the beginning of the crisis – the reasons, challenges and directions of deepening; the position of the EU; Ukraine’s internal situation in the context of the crisis; and finally Serbia’s attitude towards Ukraine’s crisis.