Serbia and Hungary – Political and Economic Perspectives

There are numerous discussions and publications regarding Serbian-Hungarian relations, however these are often limited to common history and culture. Present issues, challenges and opportunities often remain out of the focus of the public and the elite in the two countries. Having this in mind, the International and Security Affairs Centre (ISAC fund) and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Serbia, decided to concentrate on current topics such as bilateral relations, European integration, economy, trade, cross border cooperation, as well as the issue of national minorities, and to provide a fresh look on Serbian-Hungarian relations. The result is the newest ISAC’s policy study titled Serbia and Hungary – Political and Economic Perspectives. The study itself is based on ISAC Fund’s in-house research as well as on information gathered at the conference Serbian-Hungarian Relations – A Way Forward (Belgrade, June 18, 2012) organized by ISAC and Friedrich Ebert Foundation .