ISAC Fund launches a new publication, the ISAC POLICY PERSPECTIVE

In order to attain one of its key goals – the qualitative improvement of public policy development in Serbia – as well as to provide timely commentary of important developments and policy issues in Serbian, regional and European affairs with its unique point of view, the ISAC Fund is launching its new publication: the ISAC POLICY PERSPECTIVE. The first ISAC Policy Perspective, titled “Defining the Anti-reformers, Redefining the Reformers”, written by Milan Pajevic, Chairman if the ISAC Fund International Advisory Board, also marks the beginning of Mr Pajevic’s full-time engagement with ISAC.

The ISAC Policy Perspective will be published when events warrant it, rather than on any regular timeline. It is ISAC Fund’s aim to engage firstly its International Advisory Board members as authors of the ISAC Policy Perspective, but also the like-minded experts, ISAC Fund alumni, friends and other reform-oriented individuals.