Young Leaders Training – Presentation of Policy Recommendations

ISAC Fund, in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland, has organized for the first time during the previous year a comprehensive program for future young leaders from Serbia. On Friday, November 21, in Aeroklub, program participants presented the results of the year’s work – their policy papers.

The compendium of policy papers can be found here.

The project aims to enable future young leaders of Serbia to continue to participate in further democratic reforms of the Serbian institutions. The goal was to provide them with knowledge on how to best implement the necessary reforms and draw the attention of decision makers to the changes they deem necessary. In order to achieve this, ISAC organized a three-day seminar on Fruška Gora, as well as numerous workshops in the months that followed, as to better acquaint the participants with the issues they were dealing with and so they would hear the opinions of experts in the relevant fields.

Presentations of policy recommendations were attended by representatives of the NGO sector, Embassies, Government of Serbia, as well as colleagues of the program participants. ISAC would particularly like to thank the Ambassador of Finland in Belgrade, Mr. Pekka Orpana, who took an active part in the conference. The papers have dealt with the following topics:

– Reform and Professionalization of the diplomatic apparatus – Reform of the Diplomatic Academy
– Strengthening Parliament by Strengthening Committees”
– CSOs and security services: What does the public eye see, and where the wall of secrecy lies?
– The rationalization of costs of the public service as a method of strengthening the local media
– The Reform of the Electoral System

In the following period, participants will present their recommendations to relevant decision-makers and they will try to influence the legislative process.