The seventh “Law of Armed Conflict” Course

October 17 – October 28 2011, Belgrade
The course on “Law of Armed Conflict”, organized by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, supported by the Government of The Netherlands and with the technical support from the ISAC fond, will be, for the seventh time, held in Belgrade. The course is organized based on the program of International Institute of Humanitarian Law, from San Remo.

The LOAC Course will last for two weeks, in the period from October 17 – October 28, and the lectures will be held in the Centre for Peacekeeping operations.

This course is primarily intended for personnel who work in the armed forces or in the related fields and have direct professional duties related to the application of the law of armed conflict.

The objective of the Course is to help professionals expand their knowledge of the principles and the rules of the LOAC as well as their capability to reach practical military solutions in accordance with the general rules of the LOAC.

The Course mainly covers the general topics from the field of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the general workings of the International Committee of the Red Cross, specific material from IHL, which are based around the following themes: Applicability of LOAC, Non International Armed Conflict, Rules of Engagement, Belligerent Occupation, Peace Support Operations, International Criminal Court, etc.

In this course, besides military officers from the Serbian Army, officers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia will be present, as well as representatives of the Gendarmerie of the Republic of Serbia and the Faculty of Security Studies.