In continuing to support Serbia’s path towards the European Union, especially within the educational and informative context, ISAC Fund has the pleasure to present a new publication, “The Guide to Serbia’s Association with the EU.”

The lack of concrete, precise and understandable information about the EU, and that of current and future relations between the EU and Serbia, has been successfully addressed by the authors in a clear and graspable language which, with an attractive design and layout, allows for a fast and easy way to comprehend the presented information, thus making this Guide suitable for a wide range of audiences.

Like the previous publications, this Guide will be distributed for free on the whole territory of Serbia through the cooperation of ISAC Fund and other NGOs and interested institutions.

ISAC Fund would like to thank the Czech Republic on understanding the importance of an informed public and in providing assistance in publishing this new Guide, with which the Czech Republic will be marking its Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2009.

An electronic version of this Guide in pdf format is available here.