Study Visit to Brussels

As a part of our multi-year programme on establishing a system in Serbia for selection, training and deployment of civilians to peacekeeping missions, a small delegation from Serbia led by ISAC stayed in Brussels for various meetings and consultations regarding this topic, from 19 to 22 November, 2019.

Meetings were held at the European External Actions Service (EEAS) and the aim of the visit was to get better acquainted with how the EU led civilian missions work, how candidate and future member states contribute, and to gain knowledge on the administration side to make sure the program is aligned with European standards and best practices. Furthermore, we had a great opportunity to discuss and hear how civilian missions are part of the overall foreign policy toolkit that the EU uses.

The delegation consisted of the following: Ms. Snežana Stojić, Head of EU Policies Department, MFA; Col. Katarina Štrbac, Director of Directorate for European Integration and Project Management, MoD; Mr. Igor Kuželka, Head of CSDP, Security Challenges and Arms Control Directorate, MFA; Mr. Nikola Petrović, Director of ISAC; and Mr. Natan Albahari, Programme Manager, ISAC.

It is ISAC’s great pleasure to give its contribution in coordinating this project. The successful completion of this program is significant for Serbia, as the establishment of the system aims to be compatible with the EU’s CSDP civilian mission framework, which is one of the obligations stemming from the Chapter 31, and thus represents an important aspect of the Common Foreign, Security and Defense Policy.