Seminar on NATO for Students

Hotel Babe, September 6 – 9 , 2010

The ISAC Fund, in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, is organizing, for the first time, a three-day intensive seminar on NATO for 25 university students from Serbia, from September 6 to 9, 2010.

The seminar aims to provide clear and informative education about NATO and its functioning, the role of individual member states within NATO and an exploration of how their foreign policy interests are served through membership in the Alliance. In addition, the Seminar will stimulate discussion on Serbia’s potential interests and benefits in participating in the PfP, of which Serbia is a member since 2006, examining the opportunities and challenges facing Serbia in defining its relationship with NATO.

Students will have an opportunity to hear both national and foreign lecturers who are experts in NATO subject matter and political and military issues which it encompasses. The lectures will be held by speakers such as those from NATO’s international staff, government representatives, military representatives and academics.

An important part of the Seminar will also be a day-long simulation model of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) allowing the participants to role-play as heads of NATO member states, endeavouring to incorporate their countries’ specific foreign policy interests to impact the decisions which the simulated NAC will debate and adopt. Participants will need to employ and, throughout the simulation, practice a variety of communication and critical thinking skills – such as public speaking, group communication, policy analysis, negotiation, and technical writing – in order to best represent and promote the policies of their chosen country.

Candidates must be registered university students in the Republic of Serbia.


  • Completed application form;
  • One-page Motivation Letter (please see the Application form);
  • Scanned copy of a proof of knowledge of the English language (i.e. FCE, TOEFL, certificates or a high university grade);
  • Reference Letter, from a university professor or an official of an organization that the applicant was involved with through work, volunteering, or seminars (the letter can be written in either English or Serbian language);
  • >
  • A recent personal photo in .jpg format (maximum size of 300KB).


JULY 29, 2010


Application can be downloaded HERE or at and
sent by e-mail only to:

All documentation including the completed application form, the motivation letter, proof of knowledge of the English language and the reference letter must be exclusively sent in electronic form by e-mail. Applications sent by regular mail will not be taken into consideration.


Will my application be taken into consideration if it arrives after July 29th?

All applications which are sent by July 29th, will be taken into consideration. Please note that applications are only accepted through e-mail.

Can I apply even if I am starting university studies in September 2010?
Yes, you can.  All registered students, starting from Fall 2010, will be eligible to apply for this seminar.

Do I have to have certificates and diplomas besides those from high school or university in order to apply?
No you do not.  However, those would be a bonus point in addition to all other requirements.

Will my grades matter in the selection process?
No, they will not. However, the candidate must submit a persuasive motivation letter and have all the other criteria fulfilled in order to be considered as a strong candidate for this seminar.

Do I have to pay anything in order to attend this seminar?

The organizers are covering all costs of transportation, seminar costs, hotel and food, and all activities related to the program. You may, however, choose to bring some pocket money.


If you need any additional clarifications that have not been already explained, please contact the ISAC Fund at 011/3286 986, every working day from 12:00 to 15:00h, or send your questions by e-mail to