Seminar on Euro-Atlantic Issues

Seminar on Euro-Atlantic Issues in Prague, Czech Republic for University Lecturers from Serbia and from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prague, May 13 to 20, 2006

The first common project of the new partners, Jagello 2000 from Prague, and the ISAC Fund, is a week long intensive seminar on Euro-Atlantic issues in Prague for university lecturers from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seminar (13 to 20 May) aims at transferring the Czech transition experiences in general, as well as the experiences in reforms of the security and defence sectors and Euro-Atlantic integrations in particular, to professors and lecturers from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The main topics to be covered at the seminar include development of defence structure and the army, the reform of the intelligence services, the defence and political aspects of NATO, coordination and cooperation between EU and NATO, the changes in security systems of Euro-Atlantic structures made in response to the necessity of combating terrorism, etc.

The entire project is supported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.