The Workshop on Disinformation and New Security Challenges

ISAC fund organized a Workshop on Disinformation and New Security Challenges at the Vila Breg Hotel in Vršac, from November 24 to 26, 2022. The Workshop was organized as part of the project on strengthening resistance to disinformation and fake news, and was intended for representatives of political parties. The project is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade.

The Workshop was opened by Nikola Petrović, director of the ISAC, who introduced the participants to different types of disinformation, global impact that disinformation has and how they are a threat to security in Serbia.

The next lecture was held by Slobodan Georgiev, director of Nova S news. Among other things, he pointed out that the idea of ​​journalism is precisely to search for the truth. He also said that we were currently living in a “post-information age” and that information has been brought to question. In order to distinguish fake news from accurate news, we need to carefully check the information presented to us, advised Slobodan Georgiev.

Professor Dr. Katarina Štrbac spoke about security threats in Serbia in the 21st century and presented four generations of warfare, focusing especially on hybrid warfare. Cyber ​​security expert Novak Pešić discussed with the participants about cyber security, challenges, possibilities and threats in this area.

The last presentation on the first day was held by Dominika Hajdu, Policy Director at GLOBSEC, who showed the participants through statistical data how vulnerable the Central European region, Serbia and its surroundings are to disinformation. Discussing with the participants, she pointed out several ways in which we can deal with disinformation (through filling the information void, supporting local media, cooperation, education, cultivate political culture). The following day, Dominika Hajdu continued her exceptional lecture indicating on disinformation during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the negative consequences of its spreading. She also discussed media transparency with the participants, also about Serbian media that spread disinformation and the way in which Slovakia fights pro-Russian war propaganda in their media.

The Workshop on Disinformation and New Security Challenges ended with a discussion by all participants about disinformation as a security challenge, moderated by Nikola Petrović, director of the ISAC.

Once again, we would like to thank all participants and lecturers for their great contribution and excellent cooperation!