PANEL DISCUSSION: Does Serbia Have an European Future?

Panel Participants are members of ISAC Fund’s International advisory Board: Mr. PATRICK ROCK, Ms. TANJA MISCEVIC and Ms. MILICA DELEVIC DJILAS. The panel will be moderated by Mr. Pavle JANKOVIC, President of the ISAC Fund.

In adherence with its mission to promote a constructive and informed debate about Serbia’s transition and integration process, ISAC Fund is pleased to announce a panel discussion where Serbia’s future will be discussed from three distinct perspectives: that of a chief advisor of former Commissioner Patten – Mr. Patrick ROCK, Head of the Serbian Government European Integration Office – Ms. Tanja MISCEVIC, and a distinguished EU affairs expert and associate professor the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade – Ms. Milica Delevic Djilas.

The panel discussion took place on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 12:00, at Medija centar, in Sava Centar congress building.