The ISAC Fund, with the kind support of the Embassy of Czech Republic in Belgrade, announces its newest publication: What is Partnership for Peace?. Through the production if this latest publication, the ISAC Fund continues to fulfil its mission of serving the transformation of Serbia towards membership in EU and Euro-Atlantic structures and institutions by constructively engaging and informing the Serbian public about the meaning and the importance of the Partnership for Peace Programme, and about Serbia’s own role in it.

The main goal of this edition is to present the main principles, history, challenges and advantages of Serbia taking part in this partnership programme with NATO and through it its member states, in a clear, concise, understandable, and user-friendly manner. This edition was prepared with outmost care that enables even the younger generations to acquire clear and comprehensible essentials of what integration into this programme means and implies for the state administration and the society as a whole.

Serbia, a PfP Member since 2006, has signed the Security Agreement with the Alliance in the fall of 2008 as well as its first IPP – the Individual Partnership Programme – in early 2009. In order to continue supporting an informed public debate and assisting the Serbian government in its own efforts to gain the public’s support for this important corner-stone issue of political and security cooperation, the ISAC Fund hopes that this publication will help raise public awareness of the needs and the benefits the participation in PfP brings to Serbia’s overall reform processes.

An electronic version of this publication in pdf format is available here.