Meet Europe 2010

ISAC Fund, with the kind support of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Poland and the respective Embassies of Finland and Poland in Belgrade, is announcing a new open competition for 3rd grade high school students from Serbia, to spend seven days in either Finland or Poland learning about EU institutions, their respected educational systems, culture and people.

Due to the vast success of the previous Meet Europe programs (with over 2000 applications over the last two years) which greatly contributed to the expansion of the students’ knowledge about what the European Union actually is and how a European Union state functions, ISAC Fund is again offering such an opportunity to high school students interested in the program. While students will be traveling to either Finland or Poland, the program for both trips will be very similar, adapted to the uniqueness of each country. Students will have the opportunity to visit the respective state parliament, various government institutions, a local high school where they will meet their peers and participate in classroom activity, plus take part in various excursions and cultural activities.

The recent submittal of Serbia to join the EU and the visa liberalization have been important political steps that have created a promising atmosphere that needs to be utilized in order to make the Union more visible and tangible to Serbian citizens, and especially the young ones, the future leaders of this country. This represents an important reason why ISAC is committed in implementing such youth educational programs and trips, and through the kind donations and support of its European partners, ISAC hopes to be able to continue with such trips in the future.

A total of 40 students will be selected to participate, with 20 students traveling to Finland and 20 students traveling to Poland. The trip to Helsinki, Finland will take place from May 9 – 16th, while the trip to Warsaw and Krakow, Poland will take place from May 23 – 30th, 2010.