ISAC’s 7th CFSP Conference

It is ISAC’s great pleasure to announce its 7th annual conference CFSP and Serbia’s Accession to the EU: Vulnerabilities and Resilience that will take place in Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade on December 21.

This conference is part of our multiyear program that deals with the Common Foreign and Security Policy and its influence on Serbia’s EU accession process. We are glad that after a turbulent past two years, we are able to bring you a mixed hybrid event in person! 

Besides examining and discussing Serbia’s harmonization with the EU’s foreign and security policy declarations and measures during 2021, the conference this year will also look at some of the most important decisions with which Serbia has aligned with, and the ones which it did not. Does the recent uptick in alignment represent a new shift in foreign policy, or is it a continuation of previous “balancing”? With Serbia most likely to open a new cluster in the accession process, to what extent does foreign policy play in the overall pace of accession? And how do the recent growing tensions between the West and Russia and China-West rivalry impact the perception of Serbia’s EU commitments?  

The conversation on foreign policy direction will be followed by a presentation and discussion with our GLOBSEC partners on the recent joint study on the vulnerabilities towards Russian and Chinese influence in the Western Balkans and Central Europe, and what states can do to increase their resilience. We are very pleased to present you the findings and analysis of this multiyear study, which is the first of its kind in Serbia. The Serbian chapter of the publication, as well as information on other states that are covered, is available on the following link:  

The conference will be organized in a hybrid format which means that the audience will have the opportunity to follow the event either live or via Zoom.