ISAC published “Collection of analyzes and policy papers of members of the ISAC’s alumni network”

ISAC is happy to present the publication “Collection of analyzes and policy papers of members of the ISAC’s alumni network” that contains eight policy papers made by the ISAC alumni on the following topics:

  • Kosovo and visa liberalization
  • Republic of Serbia and Chamber of Secrets: Necessity of technological and legislative preparation in Serbia for harmonization with European Union standards for data protection
  • Kosovo referendum – Do we want to join the EU?
  • Ten years later – What (does) bring a new National Security Strategy?
  • Personal data protection on social networks
  • European Union and cyber security
  • Amendments to the Law on Genetically Modified Products in the context of Serbia’s accession to the World Trade Organization and harmonization with European legislation
  • Establishment of the National Network for Raising Consciousness about Radicalization in the Republic of Serbia

Since its foundation, an important part of ISAC’s activities has been directed towards education and empowerment of current and future young leaders in building their academic and professional careers. The “Young Leaders” program is one of the activities through which we provide the opportunity for young people to develop not only critical thinking, but also to acquire practical skills in writing analysis and policy papers. ISAC provided professional guidance, while the participants offered fresh and creative ideas for solving some of the current social and political challenges. All participants independently decided on a specific issue that would be dealt with within the subject, the angle of access and the number of final recommendations.

Available only in Serbian language.