ISAC Fund presents its first Compendium

With the assistance of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade, the ISAC fund published a Compendium, consisting of twelve distinguished papers presented at the previously held Schools of Security Sector Reform (2003-2005), organized by the Defence and Security Studies Centre (DSSC) of the G17 Institute, and since 2006, by ISAC, as the successor of DSSC.

The Compendium is primarily aimed at better information of decision- and opinion-makers, professionals involved in the process of security sector reform and security integration of Serbia, on essential notions, principles and experiences in these fields. It is particularly important to underpin and promote publishing, which aims to enhance the theoretical element of the security sector reform and security integration of Serbia, offering the possibility to all interested parties to get a better insight into the various aspects of these issues.

Thematically, the Compendium has a wide scope, from debates on fundaments of security sector reform, through some specific problems of the aspects of this process, up to the issue of peace-keeping.

Due to an unexpectedly high level of interest, the first issue of the Compendium went out of stock by the end of 2006. With the support of the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade, the ISAC Fund published the Second and Extended Edition of this Compendium.

Download the Compendium