ISAC Fund marks its first year

During last year, the first since its inception, ISAC thought out and developed an intensive, ample and diverse activity, in the field of foreign and security policy, contributing to a more efficient European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Serbia.

In conformity with its mission and foreseen aims in the framework of main areas of its interest, ISAC implemented the 7th and the 8th School of Security Sector Reform, with the support of governments of the Czech Republic and Canada. In the meantime, the activity in the field of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) has been broadened. In cooperation with its partners from Zagreb and Sarajevo, and European Institute for Security Studies (Paris), ISAC organized the first regional seminar on ESDP, in Belgrade, in spring 2006. Last, autumn, the same partners made a follow up, in Dubrovnik. In out-of-region international cooperation, together with Jagello 2000, ISAC organized a seminar on Euro-Atlantic integration aimed at academics from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Prague.

ISAC published the first Serbian language translation of the European Security Strategy: A secure Europe in a better world. Furthering its publishing endeavours, ISAC published a compendium of works presented at previously held Schools of Security Sector Reform. In this moment, an edition titled Guides is being prepared to present its first items related to European Integration, Euro-Atlantic Partnership and NATO’s Partnership for Peace Programme.

Furthermore, ISAC continued its prolific international and, particularly, regional activity, participating in a number of prominent fora, conferences, seminars and round-tables, Europe-wide.

All aforementioned confirms that the energy invested in the realization of ideas, which motivated us to establish ISAC, a year ago, was invested in the right way. At the same time, the achievements of our first year oblige us to keep on with our efforts to help Serbia, in the scope of our capacity and abilities, on its path towards a European and Euro-Atlantic future.