ISAC Fund launches The Guides Edition

ISAC Fund has a pleasure to announce the publication of the first two titles in the newly launched Guides edition, with the kind support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Embassy in Belgrade.

These are the Guide through the accession to the European Union and the Guide through the Euro-Atlantic Partnership. Both publications present, in a concise and comprehensible manner, the history, structure, institutions, procedures and perspectives of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Moreover, special emphasis has been given to the experiences, possibilities and challenges ahead of the Republic of Serbia in the Association and Stabilization Process, as well as within the Euro-Atlantic Partnership. These guides are aimed equally at the practitioners who professionally and academically deal with these issues, and to the public at large, interested in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the country.

In order to uphold a further promotion of a better understanding and insight into the program Partnership for Peace, ISAC Fund will soon publish a detailed Guide through the Partnership for Peace, with the kind support of the Royal Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade.

Download the Guides