ISAC Alumni meet with Head of the CSFP Department of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Czech Embassy in Belgrade and ISAC are continuing their close cooperation which was established during the Embassy’s mandate in 2009-2013 as the NATO Contact Point Embassy in Serbia. Through the program “Find Out What is NATO” a total of 40 students over the 4 year period had the chance to visit the NATO Headquarters in Brussels as well as various institutions in Prague to learn what exactly is NATO, how it functions, its relations with Serbia and what roles do member states, in this case the Czech Republic, play within the organization.

For the second time since the program ended, the Czech Embassy organized a small meeting for the participants, at the Embassy to have a discussion with Embassy officials, including Ambassador Ivana Hlavsova, as well as the visiting Head of the CSFP Department of the Czech MFA, Ambassador Hana Hubačkova. Ambassador Hubačkova was the Head of Mission in Serbia while the program was being implemented and had the opportunity to meet some of the participants again. The friendly discussion with the participants included current political events in Serbia and issues surrounding Serbia’s Euro-Atlantic integrations, as well as sharing different views on where Serbia is headed in the next period.