Continuation of the Promotion of the Guide for Local and Regional Governments on Serbia’s Path Towards the EU

ISAC Fond is pleased to announce that it is continuing the promotional tour of its Guide for Local and Regional Governments on Serbia’s Path Towards the EU, this time, with the kind support of the Fund for an Open Society in Serbia. The goal of this project is to give an opportunity for a selected number of local administrations throughout Serbia to participate and hear in detail what not only the Guide offers and contains, but also have the opportunity to ask and discuss with experts issues of local concern when it comes to European integrations.

The Guide is intended to provide information about importance of regional and local stakeholders in the EU arena, as well as to present EU policies that are of the crucial importance for the local development (EU Agricultural and rural policy, EU Regional policy, EU Environmental policy). Moreover it presents current and future opportunities and obligations rising from European integration process.

In its mission, content, visual identity and professional style, the Guide is a continuation of ISAC Fund’s publication and communication activity aimed to contribute to rendering European and Euro-Atlantic integrations more tangible, comprehensible and better understood in Serbia. Besides addressing interested individuals, administration at all levels of governance, professional associations, education bodies and media at all levels, the Guide also seeks to benefit those whose personal or professional interest is in economy, development and management of local and regional communities in Serbia.

This Guide presents a modest but very important contribution to better understanding of the European integration process and the current and future role and responsibilities of the Regional and Local stakeholders such as regional and local authorities, regional development agencies etc. It will help them to better understand their position in the EU arena, appropriately present its own interests, recognise future opportunities rising from European Integration process and thus contribute to the achievement of the broadest and much-needed consensus. More importantly, it will help local stakeholders understand how specific European policy and funding are applied in specific areas where local communities play a decisive role, such as agricultural, cohesion and regional policy and funding. These are areas that are poorly understood, especially on the local level, and thus require ample explanation and promotion.

ISAC, together with experts from Serbia’s Office for European Integrations, will hold presentations in various municipalities throughout Serbia, concentrating on those which might not have had experience or contact with European institutions or projects. Besides the presentations, ISAC will leave a number of copies of its Guide so that other members of the local administration, as well as interested members of the public, can read and use the Guide as a future reference.

A printed copy is available at ISAC Fund while the electronic version of the Guide in .pdf format is available here.