Analysis of the News “Why is Soros withdrawing from Europe and staying in the Balkans? The West is a corpse; here begins the hunt for the soul!”

August 2023

As part of the program Regional Initiative to Combat Disinformation “Western Balkans Anti-Disinformation Hub: Exposing Malign Influences through Watchdog Journalism”, we present you a new analysis of fake news and disinformation narratives.

Why is Soros withdrawing from Europe and staying in the Balkans? The West is a corpse; here begins the hunt for the soul!

“The hunt for souls in the Balkans begins”; thus, the Serbian-language version of the Russian state media Russia Today – Balkan reports on the decision of the president of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), Alexander Soros, that the organization will leave some areas of work in Europe.

In the text published on August 31, RT interlocutors repeat deep-rooted false narratives about civil society in Serbia about “Soros’ organizations” and “foreign mercenaries” whose goal is “anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox action and promotion of LGBT propaganda”. In addition, the dominant narrative in the text is that the “antidote to Soros’ agenda” could be Donald Trump, who can reduce the influence of this foundation.

“Alex Soros specifically said that they are shifting the focus to the east of Europe because they think more important things for the continent will occur there. It is clear that they want to intensify the march of the political-globalist West towards the East, and direct their forces to where the front is most relevant and where it is expected to intensify,” points out for RT political scientist Aleksandar Pavić, the winner of the Russian “Imperial Culture – Eduard Volodin” Award in the “Slavic Brotherhood” category and one of the frequent interlocutors in the pro-Russian media in Serbia.

Further in the text, it is stated that the West is already completely under the influence of Soros’ ideology, “so the organization, now chaired by Soros’ son Alexander, has decided to show ‘charity’ on the continent’s eastern side. As the director Dragoslav Bokan would simply say – only a corpse remained of the West. Soros now needs fresh blood,” writes RT.

Pavić comments that Soros’ presence will further increase the pressure to destroy the educational and value systems of the youth.

“Everything that is happening in that liberal part of America, which is now sinking at a high rate, we can expect to be pushed here as well – that children are persuaded to change their gender, that they can mutilate themselves before puberty, and that parents should not decide on this. There will be a campaign against the majority people, and Soros has announced that aid to the Roma will be increased, so I believe that they will try to make the Roma a political factor that will serve to fragment society,” Pavić is convinced, calling on the state to help in the fight against such agenda.

RT does not mention that the Open Society Foundation decided to reduce its activities within the EU because the governments of the member states and the European Union invested a lot of money in the same issues.

“The new approved strategic direction provides for withdrawal and termination of large parts of our current work within the European Union, shifting our focus and allocation of resources to other parts of the world. This shift is not a reflection on past work and the many contributions by staff over the years, but rather a forward-looking decision rooted in future opportunities to make a significant impact”, is stated in the Foundation’s letter published by the Hungarian service of Radio Free Europe (RFE).

RT also does not mention that in June of this year, 93-year-old George Soros handed over his 25-billion-worth Foundation to his son and that in July, 40% of employees worldwide were laid off as part of strategic changes in the operations of this Foundation.

The mantra about Soros’ mercenaries destroying the Serbian Orthodox tradition and promoting Western values in the Serbian public space has been dominant for three decades, with the labels “traitor” and “foreign mercenary”.

Аuthor: Sofija Popović