Analysis of the News „Hellish PLAN of the Kremlin?“

July 2022.

As part of the program Regional Initiative to Combat Disinformation, we present you a new analyses of fake news and disinformation narratives.

„Hellish PLAN of the Kremlin? The German intelligence agency claims: Europe’s leading men are under attack“

In front of us is the news that consists of several different and mutually unrelated news. While some of them are true, others are unverifiable, and all of them together were used to create a narrative about the morally corrupt West and the dominant supremacy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who successfully exercises and implements his power in the politics of Western countries.

Firstly, the news claims that the German intelligence agency intercepted a conversation between Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov in which they talk about overthrowing the leading figures of Europe. The subtitle itself says the following: “In several short sequences, Putin mentioned to Lavrov that his people in the field are already working thoroughly to bring down the “main Western players”. The news further states that the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as leader of the ruling Conservative Party, the scandal at the party of the ruling political party in Berlin where several women reported that they were given the “rape drugs”, as well as the poor parliamentary result of Emmanuel Macron’s party are actually all the results of the successful exercise of the power of the President of the Russian Federation in the heart of Europe.

“The German intelligence agency BND has learned that the head of the Kremlin is behind the overthrow of Boris Johnson, the scandal surrounding the controversial party in Berlin, where Olaf Scholz was also mentioned, as well as the poor parliamentary result of Macron’s centrist party.” The news refers to the alleged secret conversation between Putin and Lavrov that was intercepted by the BND, however, it does not refer to any source regarding this alleged event that took place at the end of last year. “As the BND found out, in a secret conversation Putin had with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, near the end of last year and which BND intercepted, he hinted that he was preparing a hellish plan of revenge against Europe’s leading men, because of their role in weakening Russia and supporting the imperialist role of the US.”

Unfortunately, the aforementioned scandal from the celebration of the ruling Social Democratic Party shook Germany and the public in recent days, and the investigation into this unfortunate event is ongoing. On the other hand, as the BBC reports, Boris Johnson has long been under attack from the opposition, as well as representatives of his Conservative Party, due to the rise in the cost of living, the way in which the country fought the coronavirus pandemic, and especially after the leaked videos from private parties in Downing Street at a time when the quarantine was in force due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, there were mass resignations of ministers in the Government after the resignation of Chris Pincher, Deputy Head of the Conservative Party in House of Commons. All this caused the resignation of the Prime Minister of the UK. While the situation in France is characterized by the beginning of a recession, concerns about supplies due to the war in Ukraine, which all led to the strengthening and rise of both the left and the right wing, and the voters clearly expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of the centrist party of Emmanuel Macron.

“The telephone conversation that was intercepted by the BND was frightening because in several short sequences Putin mentioned to Lavrov that his people in the field are already thoroughly working to bring down the “main Western players”, who have no idea what awaits them. The BND informed Olaf Scholz’s cabinet about this conversation, but they, apparently, considering that Putin was just “philosophizing”, did not take this conversation seriously.” Speaking about this telephone conversation, the author of the news, using accurate data, creates a narrative in which political currents in Western countries are actually the result of the enormous power of Russian President Vladimir Putin.