Analysis of the News “Blew away with Biden”

May 2023

As part of the Regional Initiative in Combating Disinformation “Western Balkans Anti-Disinformation Hub: Exposing Malign Influences through Watchdog Journalism”, we present you a new analysis of fake news and disinformation narratives.

Blew away with Biden

In the week in which two mass murders were recorded in Serbia, the vast majority of all other news fell into the background. During this period of severe sadness and confusion among the Serbian public, as well as the official days of mourning, the media we follow featured articles with serious anti-Western narratives, including those who blamed the Western media and culture for the accident that happened in Serbia. As the main promoters of violence, especially action movies and computer games. Out of respect for the victims and personal problems to deal with such a situation, we do not want to analyze such articles, but we will devote ourselves to an article published before the mentioned tragedy, which is full of anti-Western narratives and false information.

It is about a text signed by Vladimir Molotok, published on the Tabloid Magazine portal, under the title “Blew away with Biden”. Already in the first lines of the text, you can see obvious disinformation, which is deeply rooted in a part of the Serbian population, which sees former American President Donald Trump as the only sincere American friend of Serbia.

“With the coming of Joseph Biden to power, as an exponent of the Deep State, after the brutal theft of the election, the United States began to sink into crimes, violence… A dangerous group of villains decided to kill the world.” To leave only the ‘golden billion’ on the planet. They started epidemics, violence, murders, sales of vaccines that killed millions of people. Fortunately involved in their power and lies, they struck at someone stronger than themselves. They set out to destroy the Russian Federation,” the Tabloid writes.

Already in this paragraph, you can see the false narratives that the US started corona in order to reduce the number of people on the planet, after that they wanted to further reduce the population by selling vaccines, which finally ends with an attack on Russia, through that process the White House wants to isolate itself from Russia, “to recycle their history, spit on their religion, culture”. After Russia, the Tabloid writes that it is China’s turn.

The text also contains specific false information, such as a part of the text that states that in the USA “the deep state has covered the prosecution and the courts”. “The president’s son, Hunter, has been publicly accused of multimillion-dollar robberies in Ukraine, of financing bio-laboratories, of very serious criminal and moral offenses. Doing drugs, living with his late brother Bo’s wife! Biden’s daughter accused her father that she had to bathe with him until she was 20 years old!”

After the false narratives that portray America as the world’s policeman, headed by Biden, who is described in the text as a “dangerous madman”, the author moves on to analyze the influence of the USA in Serbia. The Tabloid describes the American ambassador to Serbia as “the pupil of Madeline Albright” who “without batting an eye, gives advice to the youth of Serbia.”

“Hill advises young people to leave history to historians, hatred to negative people, and instead look for jobs in American companies,” writes the Tabloid. The ,,Srbin Info“ portal referred to the same statement a little earlier, also with the assessment that the American ambassador advises young people in Serbia to forget history.

The Tabloid assesses that Hill is a man without any shame, he comes from a country that bombed Serbia, stole part of its territory, robbed public companies in Kosovo, then the Serbian Tobacco Industry, the Ironworks in Smederevo, smears Serbian history, takes away Serbian churches.

“He invites us to work in American companies! What companies? All the money in the Serbian budget is paid by NIS and all Russian companies. That’s what we live on. Fortunately, Hill and his men are no longer able to bomb us. “They can only spit under our window!(loose translation of the Serbian phrase: they can’t harm us)” concludes the Tabloid.

Although in the statement referred to by the Tabloid, the US ambassador called on young people to stay in Serbia in order to ensure a good perspective for their future, and that they need to focus on that future more than on the past colored by ethnic conflicts, the portal uses this as evidence for the most prevalent anti-Western narratives. From the fact that America robbed us, to the fact that the Russians are the biggest investors in Serbia.

According to the official data of the National Bank of Serbia and the Institute of Statistics, in the last eleven years, 63% of the total number of foreign direct investments in Serbia came from companies based in the European Union, and even ¾ of the total foreign investments came from the EU, USA and Switzerland. According to data from 2021, while the EU is the largest trade partner with 30.28 billion euros of exchange, the exchange with Russia was only 2.37 billion euros.

Author: Sofija Popović