7th Young Leaders Security Seminar

ISAC organized the 7th Young Leaders Security Seminar at the Hotel Vila Breg in Vršac, in the period from 12 to 15 October 2021.

We had the honor that this year’s seminar was opened by the Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia, Anika Ben David, who held an excellent presentation about a value based foreign policy. As a case study, we looked at Sweden as an example, and how a values based foreign policy looks in theory and how in

practice, in country that in 100 years has come from extreme poverty and hunger to one of the most desirable countries to live in.

On the first day of the seminar, Dr. Katarina Štrbac spoke about the security threats in the 21st century (terrorism, poverty, pandemics, climate change) and the consequences and challenges that arise from them. Afterwards, she helped participants target the most important political, military, economic, societal and environmental security threats which they considered the most important. On the topic of cyber security, expert Mr. Adel Abusara talked about security, challenges, threats and opportunities in this field and how to keep your private data secure.

On the second day we talked about the Common Foreign, Security and Defense Policy of the EU with Dr. Vladimir Ateljević, former member of Serbian EU Accession Negotiating Team for Chapters 30 and 31, and some of the questions and topics were: is the European Union a global actor, the European army – a myth or reality, does the EU operate on the principle of three musketeers “all for one, one for all”. The discussion about CFSP was followed by the simulation of Serbia’s alignment process with the EU foreign policy declarations and measures, where participants could see what this process looks like in practice.

On the last day, former State Secretary Saša Mirković spoke about the media scene in Serbia, current challenges and backsliding in the field of media freedoms. Ms. Svetlana Stefanović traditionally held a presentation about what a good CV should look like, how to conceptualize a motivation letter and how to best prepare for an interview. Also, this year we introduced a new leadership workshop, where Ms. Stefanović spoke on the topic of leadership, characteristics and values of the leader, how we communicate and through an interesting discussion and simulation encouraged participants to rethink and get involved.

Participants showed great interest in the topics through active participation in all activities. This year we had a great group of 14 participants from various fields, including students from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Security, Faculty of Law, young professionals from the civil sector, journalism and academic institutes, as well as political activists.

We would like to thank everyone for their great contribution and wonderful cooperation!

Photos will be available at our Facebook page.