Upcoming Conference on WTO

ISAC fund in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung is pleased to announce its upcoming conference “The Accession of Serbia to the WTO and the EU during the Populist Challenge to International Free Trade” to be held on July 4, 2017. in Media center. The conference will deal with Serbia’s accession to the WTO, with special focus on Chapter 30: External Relations, as well as the current contesting of the global trade by the populist leaders around the world.

ISAC fund will also present two new Policy briefs under tentative titles EU-WTO Relations and Why Serbia Should Enter the WTO and the translated and adapted version of the WTO original publication 10 Things the WTO Can Do.

Panel participants for the conference will include: Carlos Gimeno Verdejo-DG Trade, European Commission; Bojana Todorović-former Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications; Dr. Predrag Bijelić-professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade; representative of the Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.