“Serving the transformation of Serbia”

Mission Statement:

ISAC promotes and serves the transformation of Serbia towards EU and Euro-Atlantic membership by addressing the challenges facing the country and the region, influencing policy and decision-making through research, policy proposals, political analysis and forecasts, and specialist education, with the ultimate aim of attaining a more prosperous future for the present and coming generations.


Monitoring Russia - Serbia Relations Project

ISAC Fund has begun implementing the project since September 2008, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade.

The project steams from the need to begin understanding Russia-Serbia relations in real and factual terms, free from myths. The main goal of the project is to improve the wide-ranging process of informing the Serbian public and to encourage that the decision making process be transparent and based on rational information, in particular with those decisions which are in the fundamental interest of both countries and especially Serbia.

Within the framework of the project, ISAC Fund has published publications – reports, on the contemporary Russia, its position and role in the modern world, on the past and present of Russia – Serbia relations, as well as of the prospects for the future. For the purpose of full and accurate analysis and assessment, ISAC Fund cooperates with national and foreign experts of various profiles, academics and publicly known figures. The ISAC Fund reports should represent a significant drive for the expert and public debate which ISAC Fund will periodically organize within the topic of Russia – Serbia relations. ISAC Fund shall present its reports at press-conferences, which it will also organize on other significant events concerning contemporary Russia and concerning Russia – Serbia relations.

The goal of ISAC Fund is objectivity in understanding, systematic approach in research, reality in estimation and strategic thinking in analysis. ISAC Fund shall, in this regard, be above all guided by the rational interests of Serbia.


Press conference

Second round table

Third round table

The International and Security Affairs Centre – ISAC Fund wishes to assist expert and academic work of various Serbian institutions.
Within the framework of the Monitoring Russia Serbia Relations project, ISAC Fund offers to the public several important publications (books, articles, brochures), from the latest editions published in Russia in Russian language.

For more information on how to access these editions please contact +381 11 2628 610.